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Album credits

Title: Song of Creation EP

Format: Digital Download/Streaming


  1. Song of Creation
  2. Son of Creation Dub
  3. Orthodox Soldier
  4. Orthodox Soldier Dub Version
  5. Mother Zion
  6. Mother Zion Dub
  7. The Third Day
  8. The Third Day Dub

Label: Don Hartley Music
Produced: I-niverse
Mixed: I-niverse
Mastered: Mighty Drop
Vocals/Lyrics: Don Hartley
Backing vocals

Amelia Harmony: (Song of Creation)

Don Hartley: (Orthodox Soldier/Mother Zion/The Third Day)
Guitars: Tuff Lion (Song of Creation)
Congas: Mighty Drop (Orthodox Soldier)
Artwork: Pikcha

Available now on Bandcamp

Release date on all platforms: April 1, 2024

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